Monteiths' Brewing Co. is a proud sponsor of the Crusaders Rugby team and is pleased to bring you the preseason Super Rugby match in Greymouth between the Crusaders vs Hurricanes.

In the same vision of a field of dreams, that if you build it they'll come, Monteith's Brewing Co have created a footy game like no other for the everyone on the West Coast.

Rugby Park, in the iconic West Coast town of Greymouth, will welcome 4000 rugby-loving 'Coasters for a festival of Super Rugby. The way it was meant to be played. Not in large stadium but on a field where atmosphere and hype doesn't constantly battle the concrete surroundings to make its presence felt.

A match between two rugby nemeses, the home team Crusaders versus the Hurricanes will be sure to unite the community, while dividing its allegiances at the same time."  To purchase tickets - Click Here.