At around 6pm on Friday evening, it was brought to our attention that there was some unusual activity on the Crusaders Facebook page, including a change to the name of our page from ‘Crusaders’ to ‘Crusaders Shop’. The page, and the near 400,000 fans that follow us, then completely disappeared from the Facebook platform.   

The Crusaders notified Facebook as soon as this activity occurred and, with their help, were able to track down the source of the problem and resolve the situation. The page is now completely restored and we thank the team at Facebook in Auckland, Australia and Singapore for their hard work in returning our page to our fans and followers.

While no fans’ personal data was at risk, being unable to communicate via a major platform like this was a significant issue for our commercial partners and fans. For a time, it was impossible for us to connect with our loyal Crusaders supporters. We apologise if you have not been able to reach us via Facebook over the last five days, but rest assured all of our social media platforms are running as normal and you can still connect with us now on all of them by searching our handles below:

Facebook - @crusadersrugby
Instagram - @crusadersrugbyteam
Twitter - @crusadersrugby
YouTube - CrusadersSuperRugby​
Tiktok - @crusadersrugby