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Crusaders allocate retail Front of Jersey position to charity partner KidsCan

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In a bid to make a lasting positive impact beyond the field, The Crusaders have embarked on a meaningful partnership with KidsCan, a leading charity dedicated to combating child poverty in New Zealand.


“We recently set up a Charitable Trust called the ‘Crusade with Heart Foundation’, which has the sole purpose of having a positive impact on our community off the field. This is our commitment to being more than a sports team— Crusading with Heart and showing genuine care for our teammates, our fans and our wider community is what it means to be a Crusader” said Colin Mansbridge, CEO of the Crusaders. "Our partnership with KidsCan is about doing our part to address the challenges faced by children in need. By dedicating the front of our retail jerseys to KidsCan, we aim to inspire our fans to be part of something bigger – a movement that champions the well-being and future of every child. Together with KidsCan, we aim to contribute to a brighter, more equitable future for all."


In a humble gesture, the Crusaders have allocated the prime front-of-jersey sponsor space on their retail home jerseys to KidsCan. As part of this collaboration, the Crusaders will donate $5 from the sale of every jersey sold through the Crusaders shop directly to KidsCan.


"It means so much to us to have KidsCan's name on the front of the Crusaders retail jersey - and it comes at a crucial time. The cost-of-living crisis is having a huge impact on vulnerable children and their families. So, it's huge for us that the Crusaders are helping to draw attention to our work, which is needed now more than ever. KidsCan supports tens of thousands of children in 1100 schools and early childhood centres with food, clothing and health products - and we have thousands more waiting for help. 

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Our fundraisers are a vital part of our revenue stream, and we want to thank everyone choosing to make a difference to a child in hardship. All children should be able to focus on learning and playing, rather than worrying about food or warmth. Thank you, Crusaders, for your awesome support."


KidsCan, known for providing essentials for children affected by poverty, focuses on ensuring that all Kiwi kids have the opportunity to participate in learning and have a chance for a better future. Education, the primary pathway out of poverty, is often hindered when children face challenges such as being cold, wet, or hungry.


As part of this collaboration, the Crusaders and KidsCan will work together to bring deserving kids to Crusaders games, ensuring smiles, joy, and lasting memories for those who need it most.


"We believe in the power of sport to inspire and uplift, and through this partnership, we hope to contribute to a brighter future for children facing adversity," added Mansbridge.


This collaborative initiative underscores the Crusaders' commitment to using their platform through their Crusade with Heart Foundation to make a tangible difference in the lives of children, setting a new standard for sports teams worldwide.

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