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Crusaders embrace COVID-19 busting air safety technology to protect players and staff

The Crusaders are set to use cutting edge air safety technology this coming season to protect players, coaches and staff at a time of rising concerns about indoor air quality, including the spread of COVID-19.


The Crusaders have struck a partnership with ActivePure by Big Blue to use the technology at their Christchurch facilities, and will be the first professional sports team in Australasia to do so.


"The health and wellbeing of our Crusaders’ whānau has never been more important and ActivePure’s extra level of infection prevention protection to keep us all safer means a lot to us," said Colin Mansbridge, Crusaders CEO.


“It’s been fantastic to access world leading technology and we were excited to officially partner with Big Blue in time for this year’s campaign.


“Outside of just focusing on our COVID-19 efforts, we were looking at air purification to better protect our squad and staff against things like the common cold, flu, and other germs, allowing our organisation to focus on increasing performance levels every day.” 


Under the sponsorship arrangement, ActivePure’s portable units were installed for the Crusaders before their 2022 title charge kicked off by Big Blue Limited, a major water solutions business in New Zealand and ActivePure’s exclusive partner in Australasia.


Following news the team would relocate to Queenstown for the first few weeks of the Super Rugby Pacific competition, ActivePure technology travelled with the Crusaders to be used in their team facilities while on the road.


“High performance is at the core of why the Crusaders have been such consistent high achievers on the sporting stage, and this partnership is further proof of a team committed to creating the right environment for the team to perform at its best,” said Big Blue’s Managing Director, Paul Wiggans.

Big Blue has previously supported the New Zealand Team at the Tokyo Olympic Games with ActivePure units and is again travelling with the team to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


ActivePure technology has its roots in the NASA space shuttle programs in the late 1990s and helps to clean indoor air and surfaces. The devices are fully portable and are designed to be left on continuously. ActivePure has been tested against viral and bacterial pathogens, including airborne and surface testing against the virus that causes COVID-19.


“COVID-19 has really put the spotlight on the need to safeguard indoor air quality, and we are seeing demand grow daily for our technology across the public and private sectors as Kiwis seek reassurance in the environments they visit and work and play in,” said Wiggans.


A wide range of businesses across New Zealand and Australia are now using the units successfully including offices, hotels, aged-care, retailers, hospitals, food producers, and small businesses.


The sponsorship arrangement gives ActivePure the exclusive and official rights to support the Crusaders with air safety and purification technology in their high performance, training, and office facilities.



How ActivePure units work 

ActivePure’s portable units work by drawing indoor air into the unit which is first cleaned by an advanced air filtration system. The water and oxygen molecules from that air then pass through the patented Active system and are released back into the indoor environment activated molecules which seek and destroy viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi.


These units work without chemical additives, do not produce ozone, and are safe to be around 24/7/365.