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Makes Us Stronger


Crusaders launch their 2024 season campaign with a nod to their team of thousands.


Makes Us Stronger is more than a brand or a campaign. It’s an ethos, an approach, a set of behaviours that make the Crusaders stand out. Losses are lessons, injuries an opportunity for the next man up. With hard times comes resilience and strength. 

Pressure is a privilege and we relish clutch moments.


Our members, our fans, our partners, our families, our staff, our community: we care for each other, and together we are the Crusaders. The ‘Us’ is all of us. It’s a promise that we will all strive to lift up those around us, to help us collectively stand taller — on and off the field. 


It’s true, we do have an unfair advantage over our competitors, we have thousands on our team.  And when you challenge us, you challenge all of us. 

That’s what makes us stronger. 


View the launch video here