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Crusaders 2024/2025 Playing Jersey Revealed

What defines us?

The Crusaders whānau is united by passion, by purpose, by overcoming challenge and seizing opportunity. Our unity, our shared history, our commitment to what we do and who we are – that’s what makes us stronger.


But what binds us? What shows the world what we stand for? Our jersey


Our jersey is far more than a piece of clothing. Players are protected, cloaked, united. Members and fans are part of the whānau, they share in our collective identity. We are one.


Each new Crusaders jersey builds on a cultural legacy and the 2024/2025 jersey is no different.


Since 1996, the team has created a culture and a performance standard in line with the best sports teams in the world. For fans and members, the team is an identity. For players it is a goal, an achievement, a pinnacle.


In recent years, our jerseys have paid homage to the Southern Alps, the backbone of our six provincial unions that make up the Crusaders: South Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, Canterbury, Tasman, Buller and the West Coast.

The New Jersey

Weaved into our latest jersey design are six peaks and rivers, honouring our fans and players from across the upper South Island.


Aoraki Mt Cook stands tall as the highest point, guarding our people, our team, our home. This is not one mountain, or one region, this is a mountain range. A landscape. Similarly, our rivers flow from the mountains to the sea with unstoppable force, a symbol of the strength of our on-field team and our off-field members and fans.


This year we look at the mountains from a new perspective, acknowledging a new chapter in Crusaders history. We look down the backbone, each mountain lifting us up and taking us to new heights. But we can’t do this alone, nor would we want to. The Crusaders are more than players, coaches, training staff.


The Crusaders are our people, our commercial partners, our fans. We are the kids at open trainings. We are the accountants on casual Fridays. We are the sponsors’ marketing managers. We are the CEO who didn’t need convincing.


To rise up to new heights you need more than the team, you need the community, you need the sponsors, you need the backing of everyone. That’s what makes us stronger.

The story of our jersey

Crusaders Jersey 231 v2
Crusaders Jersey 231 v2