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End of the 2024 Crusaders Season

The Crusaders 2024 season has come to an end. Congratulations to all of those teams who have made it through to the Super Rugby Pacific playoffs.


Regardless of result or position on the competition table, we remain proud of our team, of our club, and of the huge mahi put in across the entire organisation to deliver the season that has been.


Many results didn’t go our way and at times our on-field performance was not at the level we expect of ourselves. Naturally we are all disappointed and will look hard at why we lost the games we did, and what we did to win the ones that made a difference. Fine margins define results and table position, and we lost six of our games by less than seven points.


One of the core reasons we’ve won the last seven Super Rugby titles – and 14 titles since 1996 – is that we play for each other, we represent proud South Island rugby regions, and we work for a cause greater than ourselves.


Of course, there is work to do to improve and come back stronger. As we always do, we now conduct a full performance review. It’s our chance to discuss what went right, what went wrong and where we can find improvements.


Our review is focused on performance and ensures we don’t make any rash decisions. We want the team and organisation to operate to the standard we expect, and every opportunity to improve is looked at.


We review all aspects of our environment. All players and coaches are surveyed, and some players will participate in feedback workshops. Generally, reviews deliver insights we wouldn’t share broadly but results of those insights may be seen. We look forward to the lessons we’ll learn, and improving how we operate ahead of the 2025 season.