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Junior Crusaders Named to Face Hurricanes U18

CRU 0163

A 36-man squad has been named to represent the Junior Crusaders tomorrow as the team takes on the Hurricanes in Blenheim.


An original squad of 50 was reduced to 36 for the game of three thirds, kicking off at 11:30am tomorrow morning at Lansdowne Park.


The Junior Crusaders squad was selected from the First XVs from this year’s high school competition, with selectors having a wealth of talent to pick from.


10 players from last year’s Juniors camp will look to add some experience at kickoff tomorrow, with Christian Ioane, Hugh Robinson, Harrison Inch, Maretino Kaloudau, Jack Busch-Ward, Jamayne Feat-Marshall, Maua Letiu, Shaun Kempton, Sione Mafi and Finn Mcleod back for another bite at the cherry.


The Crusaders have a big focus on developing talent pipelines and future of the game. It’s programmes like Junior Crusaders, and fixtures like the one in Blenheim, that seem to future-proof the Crusaders for generations to come.

CRU 0163

Johnny Leo’o: Head Coach - Matt MacDougall: Attack Coach - Kieran Coll: Defence Coach - Jimmy Mcleod: Set Piece Coach - Bede Christey: Physio - Cam Henderson: Trainer - Mitch Logan: Analyst - Ian MacGillivray: Manager - Tim Ryley: Logistics - Guy Lemon: Campaign Manager

Ethan Jones - Christ's College

Sami Moimoi - Nelson College  

Keza Kopelani - Selwyn Combined

Maua Letiu - Christchurch Boys High School

Blake Craddock - Nelson College

Shaun Kempton - Selwyn Combined

Sione Mafi - Nelson College

Jackson Bunting - St Thomas of Canterbury

Jake Frost - Christchurch Boys High School

Max Fale - St Thomas of Canterbury

George Steel - Christchurch Boys High School

Kobe Brownlee - Nelson College

Finn Mcleod - Christchurch Boys High School

Radford Powell - St Andrew's College

Frankie Meates - Christ's College

Tino Leuta - St Thomas of Canterbury

Saumaki Saumaki - Nelson College

Christian Ioane - St Bedes College

Marshall Blakely - Christchurch Boys High School

Cylas Tauti - St Andrew's College

Oliver Gibbons - Nelson College

Hugh Robinson - Malborough Boys College

Harrison Inch - Nelson College

Macklan Robertson - St Andrew's College

James Cameron - Westlake Boys High School

George Gaulter - Selwyn Combined

Will Coombs - Christ's College

Sam Mustchin - St Andrew's College

Luke Atkinson - Shirley Boys High School

Maretino Kaloudau - St Thomas of Canterbury

Bogi Kikau - Christchurch Boys High School

Ted Ward - Selwyn Combined

Jack Busch-Ward - Christchurch Boys High School

Leo Marfell - Malborough Boys College

Jamayne Feast-Marshall - St Bedes College

Will Haig - Christchurch Boys High School