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World Record Holder Emma Timmis Takes Up Long Run

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Aside from being one of the Crusaders biggest fundraising events of the year, The Long Run is a chance to bring all members of the community together to challenge themselves, push their limits, and connect over a common cause.


From Ari Marino, the nine-year-old who consistently runs more laps than you’d expect, to Joel Lam and George Methven, the Crusaders Academy boys smashing PBs on the sideline of the event, The Long Run brings out every walk of life.


So it comes as no surprise to learn that a fitness Guinness World Record holder was cutting tracks around Malvern and Rugby parks on Friday 19 January in an effort to raise a few more dollars for Child Cancer Foundation.


Emma Timmis holds three world records in the fitness realm.


In November 2017 she completed a 74 day Elliptigo journey across Australia – nearly 8,000km. She towed everything she needed in a trailer behind the fitness device and described it as “the best adventure of my life”. 

CAL 2439

emma timmis nz wr

In January 2022 she became the fastest female to run the length of New Zealand, completing the 2,100km trip in 20 days, 17 hours, 15 minutes and 57 seconds. She averaged more than 100km per day.


In July this year she spent 48 hours on a treadmill and ran 340km, surpassing the world record by 17km. She said it was “by far the hardest challenge I’ve taken on and took true mental strength to keep running”.


She was running The Long Run with Speed Freaks, a charity aimed at helping people recover from addiction through fitness and the outdoors.


“It’s been amazing to see so many different people coming out and getting involved, and that’s the beauty of events like this,” Timmis said.


“A lapped event like this, you know, young people can come out, older people can come out, people of different shapes and backgrounds. It’s amazing for the entire community.”


While not chasing any particular goals, Timmis had run 34km by mid-afternoon.


“I’d like to do about 50km but so far it’s been a bit of running, a bit of walking, a bit of chatting with people and hanging out.”

emma timmis nz wr